Adopt a Teacher

Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  There is something very special about teachers, especially ones who serve orphans. They teach with great love and with great hope for the future.

The teachers at Royal Seed School are exceptional individuals. They get their hands dirty, wiping rice from faces after breakfast and lunch. They clean noses and hands and feet. They serve as Jesus served. And somehow, in the midst of simple tasks like these, they also manage to teach the children letters, numbers and even how to speak English.

Worship In Action is committed to supporting the educational needs of our children. The teachers at Royal Seed Home earn an equivalent of $50 each month. If you have a heart for education, would you consider “ADOPTING A TEACHER” on a recurring basis? A gift of $50 per month supports one teacher; $100 supports two teachers, etc. Your consistent, monthly gifts will bring unimaginable stability and peace of mind to both teachers and students. To God be praise for his abundant goodness! 

Please CLICK HERE or click the donation button below to give a one-time or recurring donation to WIA’s Education Fund. An investment in the teachers of Royal Seed School will certainly reap life-long and eternal returns. Imagine your support walking into a classroom every day, changing lives for generations to come. This is what will happen when you give.

Thank you for joining us as together we put our worship in action.

With love and appreciation,
Don Moen & WIA Team

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