Who We Are

06 Worship In Action GhanaDon Moen has been a leader in the Christian Music industry for more than 40 years. Through these 40+ years, if there’s one lesson to sum up all he has learned, it is this: Worship is More Than a Song. It’s a Lifestyle.

Don has said many times that he believes God put him on this planet to be an architect who designs products and events to help people experience God’s presence in a new and fresh way. He believes people often make the mistake that worship equals music and music equals worship. The songs we offer up in worship are just a small part of a whole lifestyle of worship. Yet, we have made an industry out of the music we sing. A lifestyle of worship is something we live out 24/7, not just on Sunday morning. Worship is prayer, preaching, testimonies, God’s Word, caring for others, and of course, the songs we offer in praise and worship.

Don founded Worship In Action to give people a way to put their worship to work in bringing the message of hope to the world. We are designed to do something with what we have inside of us… to let the lights within us shine bright in the darkest places of the earth. Please join us today.