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WIA PartnerTo join Don Moen and the Worship In Action team as a partner, please click the button below to set up a monthly recurring donation.

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When believers unite around a common cause, this is a witness that speaks volumes to lost and hurting people. The relationships we have with each other is often a greater testimony than our words or preaching. When we collectively bring together our gifts, talents, time and resources, even greater things will happen than had we tried to do it all on our own. This is why we invite you to become a partner of Worship in Action.

As a partners of Worship in Action, it is as the word implies, a partnership with defined roles. When you enter into this partnership, you are agreeing to pray for the work of this ministry. You are agreeing to give what you are able. And, you are agreeing to share our story with others in your sphere of influence. We, in turn, agree to: pray for you, to be excellent communicators and to be trustworthy stewards of all resources which come into this ministry. We agree to remain in close communication with our field partners so we are well aware of progress made through the resources we invest. And, we agree to stay humble and prayerful in all we do.