Natural Disaster Aid

“…You are my refuge in the day of disaster.” – Jeremiah 17:17

We live in a world and in a time when natural disasters regularly occur. Typhoons, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis…these acts of nature often leave in their paths destroyed homes, washed out infrastructures, loss of lives, severe injuries, tainted water sources, limited access to medical treatment or food, and many more life-altering scenarios.

The Biblical character, Joseph, is an excellent example of God’s people using their resources to help others in times of natural disaster. Joseph experienced very low and unjust years in his life. However, God used every negative circumstance in his life to bring him full circle…from a prison cell to a place of leadership when his family and homeland were suffering. Through advance warning in a dream, Joseph began to store up food in Egyptian warehouses that would eventually save the nation of Israel from starvation. We need to be prepared, like Joseph, to respond with resources when natural disasters impact our world.

A few years ago, Worship In Action partnered with Food to the Poor to raise awareness for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake completely devastated that nation. Not only is Haiti considered one of the poorest nations on earth where more than 50% of its citizens live in abject poverty and one in ten children dies before his/her 5th birthday, limited food supplies and clean water contribute to severe malnourishment and the spread of water-borne diseases. READ THE FULL HAITI STORY HERE.

Typhoon PhillipinesIn November 2013, Don Moen and band were on a concert tour in the Philippines soon after Typhoon Haiyan tore through the central part of that nation. Don and the band saw and experienced the devastation first-hand. Typhoon Haiyan is considered one of the strongest storms to ever reach land, causing 13-foot storm surges and up to 235mph winds. Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people and left more than 3.6 million people displaced. The rebuilding effort is on-going. Don Moen :: Worship in Action partners generously sent donations to the Philippines in response to the hurricane. READ THE FULL PHILIPPINES STORY HERE.

Natural disasters happen many times per year all over the planet, and we often don’t even hear about them until they bear down on our own communities or loved ones. When a natural disaster strikes, Worship In Action is prepared to respond. Will you join us? Make a Donation Today.