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Royal Seed Home (RSH) is a residential children’s home based in Ofaakor, Ghana, West Africa. RSH provides food, shelter, education, vocational training and love to more than 190 children. Royal Seed Home is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ghana.

The vision of Royal Seed Home is to preserve and nurture the lives of its children with nutritional food, medical care, a strong educational foundation and vocational skills. RSH is a family to children who otherwise would have none of their own. Mrs. Naomi Esi Amoah and her team daily serve the children who providentially come to them through local police stations, hospitals, etc. RSH never turns away a child in need and stays with the child until he or she is able to live as a hopeful, independent, positive, respectful, and contributing member of the community.

Mrs. Naomi Esi Amoah established RSH in January 2002. 30 Worship in Action GhanaAfter earning a certificate in hairdressing and dressmaking, Mrs. Naomi’s plan was to teach these skills to under-served youth in need of vocational training. She soon discovered, however, the majority of her students were orphaned and unable to pay school fees. So, she adopted four children and brought them into her home. Since then, the number of children who address Naomi as “Mother” has grown to more than 190.

Royal Seed Home and School Today
After more than a decade of hard work, trusting in the Lord, and through generous donations made by investors and local businesses, Naomi and her staff have accomplished the following milestones at RSH:28 Worship in Action Ghana

  1. Developed a thriving orphanage that currently cares for 190+ children. The children’s home includes boys and girls dormitories, shower and toilet facilities, a kitchen and a dining hall.
  2. Founded the Royal Seed International School which provides basic education for nursery age students through junior high school.
  3. The first orphans to live at RSH have grown into strong, confident young people who are now role models for the younger children of the home.
  4. Local business have invested in RSH and taken more of an interest in caring for the needs of orphans in their community.  Naomi and her team cannot do the work on their own.  They depend on the support of their community, as well volunteers who come from all over the world to share their time and talents with the children of RSH.

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