Ministry Updates

The Royal Seed School

It will soon be Thanksgiving here in the United States – a holiday where we stop and “Give Thanks” for all the Lord has done.  I want to share something I’m thankful for this year: a closed door.

Earlier this year, I had planned to be touring internationally this fall.  However, plans changed. Some of our hosts needed to change their dates and some had to cancel unexpectedly.  Doors shut – concerts were cancelled, and my calendar was open.

While doors to international ministry were closing, God was opening new ones.  I now had an opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do for several years.  I called a few friends and asked if I could come to their church and lead an evening of worship and share my vision for Worship In Action and the impact we can have all over the world.  In a few short weeks, my friend Lenny LeBlanc and I had the pleasure of visiting churches in Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maryland sharing something BIG – that I’d like to share with you as well.

It’s something I’ve never done before, and I’m excited to let you know how you can be part of it.

In 2020, Worship In Action will be constructing a beautiful 18 room school building on the property of Royal Seed Home. We’re calling it “The Royal Seed School.” Here is a rendering of the building:

The mother of the Royal Seed Home, Naomi, many years ago purchased a large piece of property in the country to be the future home of RSH. The time finally arrived for the children to move to the farm, and they couldn’t be happier. They have wide open spaces to run, play, worship, garden, raise chickens and pigs…it’s a wonderful home.

The downside of moving to the country is the children now have to travel long distances to and from school. The vehicle used to transport the children is unreliable and expensive to maintain. It breaks down easily as it travels over poorly constructed dirt roads. In the rainy season, the road often washes out, making a trip to school impossible. The best option for the children is to construct a school building right where they live.

I’m thrilled to share that to date we have raised 69% of the overall construction budget.

The school building will cost $90,000 (USD) to build, and friends in Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland have already contributed $61,728. Praise the Lord!

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, I would like to give you an opportunity to be a part of something that will minister to children for years and years to come. Perhaps you, your family, your church or Bible study group would like to adopt one of the six remaining classrooms for $5,000. Or, perhaps you would like to join other Worship In Action supporters to build a classroom for $100, $200 or $500. Whatever the size of your gift, you will be a significant part of making this dream a reality. I thank you in advance.

I’m heading to Ghana in early December to host a fundraiser in Accra and to visit the site of the new building. We will be sharing about the school building this month and next, with the hope to fully fund this project by year’s end. Thank you for standing with us as we look forward to breaking ground on the “The Royal Seed School” in Ghana in 2020.

God bless you.


Don Moen and WIA Team

Bahamas Water Relief

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian struck the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. The hardest hit, Grand Bahama and Abaco, felt upwards of 225mph winds as the eye of the hurricane slowed to a near stop for more than nine hours over the islands.

The United Nations says some 77,000 Bahamians are presently in need of water, food and shelter in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. The official death toll is 50, but the actual number of people killed in the storm could potentially reach the thousands. Countless men, women and children are still missing.

Worship In Action is joining Air Mobile Ministries of Titusville, Florida to address dehydration and diminishing drinking water supplies in the Bahamas. Air Mobile Ministries has already flown 22 water purification systems to one of the most remote and hardest hit areas, but more water purifiers are still needed. The weight and cost of transporting bottled water to areas not presently reachable via land, makes these incredible water systems even that more critical.

One water purification system weighs 20lbs, purifies 25 gallons of water per hour, and provides drinking water for up to 500 people per day. Given the extreme temperatures and humidity in the Bahamas, dehydration and contaminated water supplies are serious concerns. This water system is an extremely effective way to immediately provide potable water in the most dire circumstances. The cost of one water system is $2500. Please consider joining us in purchasing as many of these systems as possible.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we feel compelled to respond to this humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas. Christian aid agencies and local churches are actively engaged in relief efforts, providing basic needs and emotional, mental and spiritual support…and WIA is among them. To God be the glory! Thank you for your support.

God bless you.

Child Hunger Fund

I recently returned from a trip to Ghana. It was wonderful to see friends and to visit Royal Seed Home, again. Worship In Action has supported RSH for several years, and thanks to our partners I am glad to report the children are growing and doing very well. Thank you for your ongoing, faithful support.

As a father and grandfather, providing good meals is a top priority to me. It is hard to imagine children NOT having enough to eat. When I see reports of famine sweeping through South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen, I feel compelled to do something about it. Millions of people in these nations are at risk of starvation and the majority are children. Why? Conflict, drought and high food prices are to blame. The answer? Jesus touching hurting people through you and me.

Starvation is a major problem even among rural communities near Royal Seed Home in Ghana. Malnutrition is a silent killer that accounts for one-third of all child deaths in Ghana. For this reason, we believe the Lord is leading Worship In Action to establish a Child Hunger Fund. Month by month we will begin to address the global epidemic of child starvation. In partnership with local churches, food will find its way to those who need it most.

We humbly invite you to join us as founding partners of WIA’s Child Hunger Fund. To make a contribution, CLICK HERE or click the donate button below. As with our Baby Rescue and Education funds, this Child Hunger Fund will be active for as many years as the Lor blesses us with partners.

Thank you for standing with us as we together put our worship in action.

Let’s Fill the Food Pantry at Royal Seed Home.

I am thrilled to share with you that in three weeks time my band and I will be returning to Ghana for a worship event. And, of course, we plan to visit Royal Seed Home. I truly enjoy every trip to beautiful Ghana, especially the opportunity to see the orphans Worship In Action supports.

While thinking about this trip to Ghana, I felt inspired to ask my friends to join me in replenishing the food pantry at Royal Seed Home. I have five children and seven grandchildren. When we eat family meals, it takes A LOT of food to feed us all. Imagine feeding 150+ children and workers three meals per day!  That is not an easy task. Royal Seed Home will ALWAYS need food for the kids! 

Will you consider making a donation TODAY to replenish the RSH pantry with items such as chicken, rice, porridge, vegetables, bread, cooking oil, spices, etc.? I would like to take these donations with me to purchase and deliver a large supply of food while I’m in Ghana. If so, please CLICK HERE or click the donate button below. As a dad and grandfather, my heart rejoices at the thought of these precious kids having more than enough food to eat.

Thanks a million for your prayers and faithful support!

Don & WIA Team

Adopt a Teacher

Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  There is something very special about teachers, especially ones who serve orphans. They teach with great love and with great hope for the future.

The teachers at Royal Seed School are exceptional individuals. They get their hands dirty, wiping rice from faces after breakfast and lunch. They clean noses and hands and feet. They serve as Jesus served. And somehow, in the midst of simple tasks like these, they also manage to teach the children letters, numbers and even how to speak English.

Worship In Action is committed to supporting the educational needs of our children. The teachers at Royal Seed Home earn an equivalent of $50 each month. If you have a heart for education, would you consider “ADOPTING A TEACHER” on a recurring basis? A gift of $50 per month supports one teacher; $100 supports two teachers, etc. Your consistent, monthly gifts will bring unimaginable stability and peace of mind to both teachers and students. To God be praise for his abundant goodness! 

Please CLICK HERE or click the donation button below to give a one-time or recurring donation to WIA’s Education Fund. An investment in the teachers of Royal Seed School will certainly reap life-long and eternal returns. Imagine your support walking into a classroom every day, changing lives for generations to come. This is what will happen when you give.

Thank you for joining us as together we put our worship in action.

With love and appreciation,
Don Moen & WIA Team

As 2018 draws to a close, we pause to give thanks. Thank you, Jesus, for coming to us. Thank you for saving us. Thank you for providing for our needs. Thank you for healing our bodies. And, thank you for comfort and joy. Wishing our friends and partners around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God richly bless you and yours this holiday season.

Chuck Harris Kidney Transplant

Thank you for supporting Chuck Harris and his kidney donor, Tim Newton, this year. Each man is doing well and enjoying the blessing of good health. We are grateful to the Lord for the healing and hope these men and their families have experienced.

Water well for Royal Seed Home

Worship in Action continues to support the children of Royal Seed Home. This year the orphanage received the gift of a clean water well. The simple ability to carry water a few steps, rather than in buckets from a stream at the bottom of a hill, significantly improved the children’s quality of life. Thank you, partners.

Baby Rescue Fund

Newborn babies brought to Royal Seed Home often arrive with significant health conditions. Babies, such as this precious one pictured, often require surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. Thank you to each of you who have contributed to WIA’s Baby Rescue Fund. These donations have provided for babies when they had otherwise little hope. May God bless your generosity.

Thank you for your faithful donations to Worship In Action. Your gifts bring tidings of comfort and joy to people in need. May God richly bless you this holiday season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

School Supplies for Ghana

Royal Seed School Ghana

Don Moen with children of Royal Seed School.

When our children were young, Laura and I strongly believed in the importance of education. We wanted our kids to be in a school where they succeeded academically, had appropriate school supplies to learn, and where they grew in the Lord. I still believe in Christian education today, especially for kids born into a cycle of poverty. Without a Christ-centered education, many kids around the world face a lifetime of hardship and limitations.

Royal Seed is a ministry in Ghana that Worship In Action partners have supported for several years. This ministry provides food, clothing, shelter and an education to approximately 200 orphan children. Royal Seed also provides a free Christian education to 300+ additional children who live in communities near the home, and who travel to/from school every day. These children come from impoverished families who can’t afford to pay school fees. Without Royal Seed, it is unlikely many of these children would ever go to school.

We are excited to announce that over the summer months Worship In Action is sponsoring a new School Supply program to provide backpacks, school supplies, uniforms and teacher assistance for the kids of Royal Seed School in Ghana. Donations given to this new school program will meet very practical and life-long needs for hundreds of children.

A donation of $25 will purchase a backpack, pencils, erasers, and writing notebooks for one student. A gift of $50 will provide a backpack, supplies and a new school uniform. To make a donation, please click here or on the donate button below. And, watch our Facebook page for updates on this exciting program. Thank you for joining us.

God bless,
Don and WIA Team

WIA Baby Rescue Fund

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen!
Don Moen with Ghanian partner, Daniel Mensah.
With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them that there were no needy persons among them. Acts 4:33-34

The early church served Jesus wholeheartedly by testifying of all they had experienced. They heard Jesus’ words, felt his miracles, saw him hanging on the cross, watched his body go into a tomb, AND most importantly, they witnessed his resurrection. Acts Christians were full of the resurrection life of Jesus, and by his grace there were no needy ones among them.

My dream for Worship In Action is people of all ages will come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and there will be fewer and fewer needs among the family of God because of his grace at work in us. This vision comes to pass every month as our partners generously give where there are great needs.

For example…

This Christmas we asked our partners to give a children’s Bible to each child at Royal Seed Home in Ghana. I believe in the power of the word of God to transform lives, and that children need to grow up hearing Bible stories as a foundation of faith. I’m thrilled to report the Bibles our partners purchased are now in the hands of the children who use them as a part of their daily education. Thank you for making this possible.

WIA Christmas Bible Outreach

WIA recently established a Baby Rescue Fund to assist with the needs of abandoned babies who come to Royal Seed Home in Ghana.  Since establishing the fund, we have received requests to provide three desperately needed surgeries for babies. One baby boy named Kobby, whose esophagus does not connect to his stomach, eats through an external tube inserted into his stomach. WIA partners funded Kobby’s surgery, as well as surgeries for six other children. What a life-saving and life-giving gift these surgeries are for the children! Thank you!

Below is a link to our Baby Rescue Fund. Please consider giving a monthly donation to support the needs of rescued babies. These monthly donations allow us to send regular support for medicine, diapers, food and other needs. Your donations also contribute to life-saving surgeries like Kobby’s. Together, we are doing our part to eliminate needs among the family of God. Thank you for joining us.

May God bless you and your family. May the power of the resurrection fill your heart with joy and meet all your needs.

Baby Rescue

Babies are a gift from heaven.

Worship In Action Baby Rescue Fund

For many years of our marriage, Laura and I struggled to have children. Then one day Laura became pregnant, and the Lord miraculously gave us five children. Our kids are now adults, and bring Laura and me such great joy. We also have three grandchildren and the fourth one is on the way.  When I say, “babies are a gift from heaven” I mean it with all my heart.

On one of our first trips to Ghana, our good friends, Daniel and Veronica Mensah, took us to a home for children they support. The experience opened our eyes to a very great need. At the home lived a half dozen or so tiny rescued babies. Authorities discovered these newborns abandoned in garage bags, in ditches of secluded roads, behind buildings and even partially buried alive in a cemetery. Each child was the offspring of a woman in a desperate situation. Perhaps she was one who walked the streets of Accra selling peanuts and packages of gum. Or, maybe a teenage girl who hid her pregnancy and gave birth in a restroom. No one will ever know. Every story was tragic, but each child still a gift from heaven.

I have met many famous people during my lifetime. Naomi, founder and mother of Royal Seed Home, may never be famous on earth but her work will be famous in heaven. Naomi has dedicated her life to rescuing babies. She protects, nurtures, educates and eventually releases these once abandoned children into adulthood with purpose and hope. Her work is very close to the heart of God, and Laura and I are committed to supporting it.

Last week, Naomi received three separate calls to pick up babies found by authorities. The babies were all very ill and in desperate need of medical attention (their pictures are below). They require hospital stays, ongoing medical treatment and around-the-clock care. But one day soon, we will see them sit up, crawl, walk and begin to grow as healthy children…because Naomi willingly received them.

Worship In Action has created a new fund dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned babies. This is a unique fund that will be available to Naomi as needed. The costs associated with caring for a sick newborn surpass the daily food, clothing and shelter needs of the children at the home. Medical bills of newborns often drain home resources, and we want to help.

Please consider joining us as a monthly benefactor of Worship In Action’s Baby Rescue Fund. A gift of any amount will literally save a newborn baby’s life. To join us, please click the donation button below.

Christmas Bible Outreach

Merry Christmas from Worship In Action!!

Dear Friends,
As 2016 comes to an end, we pause to give thanks to the Lord for all he has done. We particularly thank him for the privilege of partnering with Royal Seed Home (RSH) Ghana in making an eternal difference in the lives of 180+ orphans. Through the love and safety these children have found at RSH, they are alive and thriving. The children are growing into young people who love Jesus, and who will serve him faithfully for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for your incredible generosity throughout the year. Your donations have purchased food, medicine, Bibles, hospital care, school supplies and much more for the children.

There is still time to make a year-end contribution to our Christmas Bible Outreach. All gifts given to this program will purchase each child of RSH a Bible and a feast on Christmas.

If you’d like to make a year-end contribution to WIA, your gifts will go toward the many outreaches of this ministry. May God bless you and your family abundantly because of your giving. May God bless you and your family abundantly because of your giving.

With appreciation,
Don Moen and Worship In Action Team