Gifty’s Story

Gifty’s Story

Gifty is a little girl with whom it is easy to fall in love. She is tender, shy and kind. And, she has an incredible story. Don Moen and his band met Gifty on one of their visits to Royal Seed Home in Ghana.

Here’s Gifty’s Story!

Worship-In-Action-Gifty-Ghana1A group of children were playing in a field one day when they noticed a black plastic bag wiggling around. Afraid the plastic bag had a snake inside, they began to hit it with sticks to try to kill the snake. Adults nearby noticed the commotion and stopped the children. When they opened the plastic bag, they found a newborn baby girl…Gifty. Local police received the baby and then brought her to Royal Seed Home where Mrs. Naomi took her in and gave her the name “Gifty”…God’s gift to us. Gifty lived at RSH for the first few years of her life until an American family adopted her. God has a beautiful future ahead for this little treasure. He preserved her life and used Royal Seed Home to do it.

Today, there are 190+ Gifty’s who have found food, shelter and a family at Royal Seed Home. Every donation we receive in Gifty’s name goes to provide for children just like her…rescued ones with bright futures.

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