Chennai, India 100 Year Flood

Chennai, India 100 Year Flood

Chennai is a city of five million people located on the south eastern coast of India.  This city is also home to Cornerstone University, a good friend of Worship In Action. Friends at Cornerstone have written us to ask for help in recovering from the worst flooding their densely populated city has seen in 100 years.  To date, approximately 280 people have lost their lives in the flood.

Our friends in Chennai tell us the flood waters have entered most first floors of buildings, homes and places of worship; in some places waters have reached second level floors. The rains have washed out roads, destroyed bridges, kept supply trucks (fuel, food, drinking water) from entering the city, and caused massive power outages.

Communication services have been down and unreliable, so people haven’t spoken with relatives or friends to say they are safe. Many are still missing. Countless people have lost their homes, household belongings, clothing and even vehicles were washed away.

Will you please join us in praying for the people of Chennai?  Pray the Lord visits this city in a way that brings people to Christ. Please also pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who will step forward in this crisis to help people in desperate need.  We pray the hope within them will serve as a witness to the lost.

Worship in Action volunteers from Cornerstone University are prepared to be the hands and feet of Christ right now in Chennai.  But they need our support.  A donation of any size will equip these WIA volunteers with food, clothing, and other emergency essentials during this crisis.  Please join us by clicking the donate button below.

make-a-dif-doanteThank you for your continued support and concern for hurting people around the world.  May the Lord abundantly bless your generosity, and supply all your needs according to his riches in glory.