Elizabeth Royal SeedElizabeth came to Royal Seed Home as a young child. A Good Samaritan neighbor who lived near Elizabeth and watched over her, knew that Elizabeth’s Mother had abandoned the child and left her in the care of her Father. Elizabeth’s Father was a well-known drunk who rarely slept at home and who after heavy drinking, frequently awoke in strange places, such as in ditches or on the streets. Elizabeth’s Good Samaritan neighbor did all she could for Elizabeth but knew the child needed consistent care. The neighbor called social services who promptly removed Elizabeth and brought her to Royal Seed Home.

Elizabeth is now a senior student who attends a technical school and helps care for the younger children at Royal Seed Home. She is a beautiful girl who is well today because someone cared enough to intervene. As with many of the children who have grown up at Royal Seed Home, Elizabeth has made a vow in her heart to always help her Mom, Naomi, carry on the work of the home.

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