Worship In Action Responds to Refugee Crisis

Worship In Action Responds to Refugee Crisis

Dear Friends,

I’ve been watching an increasingly grim situation unfold on the news over the last several months, and feel it’s time to take action. The severity of the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis cannot be ignored. According to reputable organizations like World Vision, more than 12 million people have fled Syria or are internally displaced in refugee camps. Can you even begin to visualize 12 million refugees? Even more difficult to imagine is that half of these refugees are children!

To put things into perspective,12 million people is more than the combined total of all those impacted by the Haiti Earthquake (3.5 million), Hurricane Katrina (1.7 million) and the Indian Ocean Tsunami (5 million). How can we ignore this crisis any longer?

My heart is burdened to send aid to the millions of men, women and children (not unlike my own children and grandchild) who have fled their homes in search of safety. As I write to you, I think of the millions of children who have quit school; who no longer sleep in their own beds at night; and who are especially vulnerable to illness, malnourishment or even exploitation. Then I think: what if my family found ourselves in similar circumstances? The Golden Rule just may be our greatest tool for sharing Jesus in this very difficult part of the world.

Worship In Action is partnering with Operation Blessing to be the hands and feet of Jesus among refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in search of safe shelter and critical supplies to meet urgent needs. Please join us this month as we put our worship into action on behalf of these hurting people.

God bless you,
Don Moen