Let’s Fill the Food Pantry at Royal Seed Home.

Let’s Fill the Food Pantry at Royal Seed Home.

I am thrilled to share with you that in three weeks time my band and I will be returning to Ghana for a worship event. And, of course, we plan to visit Royal Seed Home. I truly enjoy every trip to beautiful Ghana, especially the opportunity to see the orphans Worship In Action supports.

While thinking about this trip to Ghana, I felt inspired to ask my friends to join me in replenishing the food pantry at Royal Seed Home. I have five children and seven grandchildren. When we eat family meals, it takes A LOT of food to feed us all. Imagine feeding 150+ children and workers three meals per day!  That is not an easy task. Royal Seed Home will ALWAYS need food for the kids! 

Will you consider making a donation TODAY to replenish the RSH pantry with items such as chicken, rice, porridge, vegetables, bread, cooking oil, spices, etc.? I would like to take these donations with me to purchase and deliver a large supply of food while I’m in Ghana. If so, please CLICK HERE or click the donate button below. As a dad and grandfather, my heart rejoices at the thought of these precious kids having more than enough food to eat.

Thanks a million for your prayers and faithful support!

Don & WIA Team