Baby Rescue

Baby Rescue

Babies are a gift from heaven.

Worship In Action Baby Rescue Fund

For many years of our marriage, Laura and I struggled to have children. Then one day Laura became pregnant, and the Lord miraculously gave us five children. Our kids are now adults, and bring Laura and me such great joy. We also have three grandchildren and the fourth one is on the way.  When I say, “babies are a gift from heaven” I mean it with all my heart.

On one of our first trips to Ghana, our good friends, Daniel and Veronica Mensah, took us to a home for children they support. The experience opened our eyes to a very great need. At the home lived a half dozen or so tiny rescued babies. Authorities discovered these newborns abandoned in garage bags, in ditches of secluded roads, behind buildings and even partially buried alive in a cemetery. Each child was the offspring of a woman in a desperate situation. Perhaps she was one who walked the streets of Accra selling peanuts and packages of gum. Or, maybe a teenage girl who hid her pregnancy and gave birth in a restroom. No one will ever know. Every story was tragic, but each child still a gift from heaven.

I have met many famous people during my lifetime. Naomi, founder and mother of Royal Seed Home, may never be famous on earth but her work will be famous in heaven. Naomi has dedicated her life to rescuing babies. She protects, nurtures, educates and eventually releases these once abandoned children into adulthood with purpose and hope. Her work is very close to the heart of God, and Laura and I are committed to supporting it.

Last week, Naomi received three separate calls to pick up babies found by authorities. The babies were all very ill and in desperate need of medical attention (their pictures are below). They require hospital stays, ongoing medical treatment and around-the-clock care. But one day soon, we will see them sit up, crawl, walk and begin to grow as healthy children…because Naomi willingly received them.

Worship In Action has created a new fund dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned babies. This is a unique fund that will be available to Naomi as needed. The costs associated with caring for a sick newborn surpass the daily food, clothing and shelter needs of the children at the home. Medical bills of newborns often drain home resources, and we want to help.

Please consider joining us as a monthly benefactor of Worship In Action’s Baby Rescue Fund. A gift of any amount will literally save a newborn baby’s life. To join us, please click the donation button below.